I am a Progress – Telerik Expert

For more than ten years now I have been working together with and for Telerik (a Progress subsidiary). Recently I was made part of the elite club of Telerik Experts which collects the finest, hard working, dedicated and ever-researching people who have both horizontal and vertical expertise in Telerik+Progress technology. Together with the Telerik Partner network we deliver first class consultancy in (and vocal about) pretty much all products and technologies, from mobile to cloud, from copy-paste to artificial intelligence.

One of the great things about working for Progress is the diversity and breadth of projects you can be part of. I went from coaching and helping out WPF/XAML teams, to creating award-winning mobile design apps, to Kendo UI diagramming solutions, to the Telerik Platform (mobile Angular designers), to generic numerical and finance libraries, to hard research in the realm of machine learning and digital marketing optimization for SiteFinity. The world of technology has changed tremendously in ten years and so has Telerik. From control vendor to empowering millions of developers and now part of the Progress-giant has changed the company. I personally owe a lot to this evolution and being a Telerik Expert, a Telerik Partner and certified Kendo expert makes me feel both proud and humble.