Posts containing concrete code snippets.


R integration in SQL Server 2016

Microsoft bought Revolution Analytics for its enterprise-level R spectrum and it was swiftly integrated into the latest SQL Server.

Classification, dimensional reduction and chi2.

When talking about dimensional reduction in the context of machine learning you have many options; linear discriminant analysis (LDA), principal component analysis (PCA) and many other. Here I want to highlight a technique that I explored as part of a very large research project and which entails the usage of chi2.

ZeroMQ WebSocket JavaScript client

This is about one of those projects where you have to dig into some new cool technology and wonder what the buzz is about.

R6 classes

Object oriented programming in R is possible but is hardly advertized and there is also the fact that there is a proliferation of ways to do OO in R.
Some JS code.

Machine learning with R, Python, Mathematica or .Net

After having spent quite a large amount of time and energy in machine learning and computational intelligence in the past years, I started to reflect recently on the pro and contra of the various technologies. I think I embrace these days every…

Data generators in the numerics library

An overview of the data generators inside the numerics library for .Net.