Francois Vanderseypen 2016Francois Vanderseypen, Ph.D.

I’m captivated by the confluence of ideas and the overlap of domains where innovation happens. Combining seemingly unrelated concepts and techniques like topological methods in language understanding, using distributed graph analytics for marketing optimization, applying ants-inspired algorithms to network forensics. I love to help startups carving a path forward and be a guide in the, sometimes confusing, world of technologies and high-tech. Trying to comprehend frameworks and platforms in order to estimate their range and scope in function of consultancy and customizations. I worked in every industry both as an employee and external consultant, seen quite a bit of businesses around the world. You can always find me for a chat whether your ideas will change the world or just rock your day.

Consultant I have seen and used data science in pretty much every industry, applied AI to forensics in the Middle-East, supported startups in Africa, helped integrate NLP techniques to fight European terrorism, applied big-data graph analytics  in healthcare, coached large and small teams, bridged SAP and SalesForce, seen big successes and massive failures everywhere. I understand the overlap of business, technology and science.  You’ll find in me the all-in-one professional you can send into the unknown.

Technology partner I try to comprehend your business and goals as much as possible in order to find the right match and (technical) solution. I think of partnerships as business synergies where experts collaborate to implement the best fit. It’s a network of people and know-how, not a raw sell-and-gain attitude. I appreciate technological solutions in the context of your business needs and budget.

Scientist I did my Ph.D. in mathematical physics applying graph theory and differential geometry to problems in quantum gravity and quantum field theory. Still very much in love with everything maths and numerics, I’m thrilled to see nowadays businesses embrace things like neural networks, graph analytics and data science in general. Being able to comprehend data-science from a purely mathematical point of view helps to keep a grand view of concrete techniques (say, manifold learning) and to add an extra dimension when discussing projects and business challenges.

Developer I have seen more than 25 years of software frameworks and technologies, everything from Angular to mainframes, from the first release of .Net to compliance management systems, from Photoshop v1.0 to microservices in the cloud. It would be impossible to enumerate the acronyms and cool stuff I have in my toolbox. At the same time,  I have become technology-neutral; I appreciate each programming language and technology for its pro and cons, I love Python but just as much as I enjoy data-science using R, I’ll use Swift on MacOS but just as much C++ on Ubuntu or Scala on Windows. If your project uses GPU’s on AWS I’ll be OK with that and if you adore Kubernetes on Azure I’m cool as well.