The little (un)folding graph to a maze and vice versa was based on d3.js and shows how, quite generally, one can create amazing things with very little code in this library. A little gem which would require considerably more code and effort…

Gradient boosting machine learning

Gradient boosting is a machine learning technique for regression problems, which produces a prediction model in the form of an ensemble of weak prediction models.

1001 ways to create graphs in Mathematica

An overview of different ways to create graphs in Mathematica.

Knowledge diagram

There are many visualizations for tree-like data but it's more difficult to display true graph-like data in a way that one doesn't get lost in the bifurcation of relationships and nodes. The interactive diagram below is a great way to navigate…

Discrete calculus on graphs

This is an overview of the discrete differential calculus on graphs with an emphasis on the usage of Mathematica to perform related calculations.

Data generators in the numerics library

An overview of the data generators inside the numerics library for .Net.
Binary Tree
Option Pricing

Option pricing and Black-Scholes

As simple as can be but many authors use incorrect terminology in deriving the Black-Scholes equation.
Two Clusters

Tip: simple clustering in Mathematica

Simple clustering with Mathematica.

Katz centrality

About important nodes in a network and the Katz measure.