Scikit parameter tuning

Scikit shines when it comes to hyperparameter optimization. Here the algorithm parameters are referred to as hyperparameters whereas the coefficients found by the machine learning algorithm itself are referred to as parameters. There are mainly…

Portfolio optimization applied to marketing

Using modern portfolio theory in digital marketing optimization.

Unbalanced data (SMOTE)

Intro Imbalanced data typically refers to a problem with classification problems where the classes are not represented equally.For example, you may have a 2-class (binary) classification problem with 100 instances (rows). A total of 80 instances…

Technical recipe to embrace AI

Simple recipe to get started in AI.
Markov Chain

Tutorial: Markov chain in R/C++

The code of this article can be found on Github. This tutorial shows you that creating C++ packages for R is really easy. I have taken a Markov chain as an example but you can invent plenty of other things in the same way. In fact, there…

Filtering out noise with chi2

Using chi2 to find signals in noisy data.

R integration in SQL Server 2016

Microsoft bought Revolution Analytics for its enterprise-level R spectrum and it was swiftly integrated into the latest SQL Server.

Classification, dimensional reduction and chi2.

When talking about dimensional reduction in the context of machine learning you have many options; linear discriminant analysis (LDA), principal component analysis (PCA) and many other. Here I want to highlight a technique that I explored as part of a very large research project and which entails the usage of chi2.