Graph analytics is the study and analysis of data that can be transformed into a graph representation consisting of nodes and links. This includes graph layout, network analysis, server-side graph storage solutions and big data.

Node2Vec embedding

Embedding of nodes happens via word2vec by means of a smart trick: using randomg walks over the graph to generate 'word' sequences.

Spark GraphFrames basics

GraphFrames on Spark for the clueless.

Grakn has something new and exciting but not yet ready for prime time.

Graph nets

Learning from graphs rather than from tabular data.

Graph analytics with Spark GraphFrames

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Large scale graph analytics with Spark and Apache GraphFrames.

yFiles for HTML with ASP.Net MVC backend

yFiles HTML tutorial with an ASP.NEt MVC backend.

Graph databases

The shortlist of graph databases I keep an eye on. Many other NoSQL engines can store graph-like data, of course. Neo4j Neo4j is a graph database boasting massive performance improvements versus relational databases. It is very agile and…

iGraph analysis

Some concrete analysis of real-world graphs using iGraph.

1001 ways to create graphs in Mathematica

An overview of different ways to create graphs in Mathematica.

Discrete calculus on graphs

This is an overview of the discrete differential calculus on graphs with an emphasis on the usage of Mathematica to perform related calculations.