Hortonworks is a big data software company based in Santa Clara, California. The company develops, supports, and provides expertise on an expansive set of entirely open source software designed to manage data and processing for everything from IOT (think: connected car), to single view of X (think: customer, risk, patient), to advanced analytics and machine learning (think: next best action and realtime cybersecurity). Hortonworks believes it is a data management company bridging the cloud and the datacenter. Hortonworks now offers three interoperable product lines: HDP (based on Apache Hadoop, Apache Hive, Apache Spark), HDF (based on Apache NiFi, Apache Storm, Apache Kafka), and Data Plane Services (based on Apache Atlas and Cloudbreak and a pluggable architecture into which partners such as IBM can add their services.

Graph analytics with Spark GraphFrames

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Large scale graph analytics with Spark and Apache GraphFrames.

Statistics on Apache Hive

Basics of stats using Apache Hive.

Apache Spark Streaming

Spark Streaming in HortonWorks.

Getting started with Apache Zeppelin

Zeppelin as the Jupyter of big data.