Easy to use recipes in diverse domains using diverse frameworks.

Learning to add with LSTM

Using long-short term layers to learn to add.

Text classification with Tensorflow 2.0

The classic IMDB classification based on Tensoflow 2.0

Fashion MNIST using Temsorflow 2.0

The MNIST fashion set consists of images of clothing, like sneakers and shirts. It's somewhat more complex than the the classic MNIST dataset.

The Keras Functional API

The Keras API makes creating deep learning models fast and easy.

Hypterparameter optimization with genetic algorithm

Using a genetic algorithm to optimize the neural network.

Stock prices

Basic stock prices predicting with TensorFlow.

Translating sentences

Using the attention mechanism for English-French translation.

Summarizing text

Article summarization with TensorFlow.

Analyzing sentiments

This is a recipe to analyze positive vs. negative sentiments in text using NLTK and TensorFlow. Updated for TensorFlow v2.

Image segmentation

Simplifying an image by detecting object boundaries.