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Spark for absolute beginners

Spark is a Big Data framework which allows you to run batch jobs, query data interactively, and process incoming information as it streams into your system. Spark runs on top of normal Hadoop infrastructure – if you already have a Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) cluster set up, you can run it on top of that, and run your Spark […]

R6 classes

Object oriented programming in R is possible but is hardly advertized and there is also the fact that there is a proliferation of ways to do OO in R.

Machine learning with R, Python, Mathematica or .Net

After having spent quite a large amount of time and energy in machine learning and computational intelligence in the past years, I started to reflect recently on the pro and contra of the various technologies. I think I embrace these days every technology (language) and any platform without prejudices in the sense that I can […]