There is nowadays a wide spectrum of tools and technologies with which you can visualize and analyze data, including data mining, clustering and big data processing. The choice of what is right for your data and business needs is a sub-project on its own and probably involves both a back end system and some front end technology.

We developed TypeViz as a front end technology not to replace the many fine frameworks out there but to fill a gap in the market; TypeViz is the only data visualization framework written from scratch for TypeScript. The reason why one would use TypeScript rather than pure JavaScript for data visualization is a discussion on its own. For us, it’s just a clean language which supports the development of large web applications, it enforces good development and thinking, it works seamlessly with other nice frameworks like AngularJS.

On a low-level the library is a clean wrapper around SVG while on a higher level it produces ‘controls’ you can plug into your dataviz dashboards; gauges, diagrams, charts and alike.  Head over to the TypeViz site for some cool examples. TypeViz is also a toolbox full of possibilities and there are plenty of out-of-band examples on the site. In fact, the TypeViz framework can do the standard dataviz but really aims for the custom and extraordinary.

Many line of business applications need standard controls and dataviz elements but lots of companies also have specific needs, peculiar data processes they wish to visualize or just want to stand out from the crowd. TypeViz allows us (and you) to develop unique visualizations while enjoying the advantages of a JavaScript meta-language.

If you need some custom dataviz, do not hesitate to contact us.See also our complementary consultancy services and affiliated sites