Artificial Intelligence

We provide artificial intelligence consulting to help organizations implement this technology today.

We help develop, integrate and envision business solutions in need of AI beyond the basics. Everything from natural language understanding to affective computing over IoT services and semantic networks.

Natural Language Understanding

Understanding written and spoken language using state-of-the art algorithms, frameworks and (neural) techniques: textual entailmentcoreference resolutionsemantic role labeling and more.

Knowledge Representation

Semantic networks and ontologies as a way to capture the complex and deep relationships around us, including reasoning and inference on top of open source and enterprise solutions.

Bots and Agents

From simple chatbots to cognitive agents interacting with their environment using reinforcement learning. Where marketing and AI meet, where UX and neural nets come together.

Cognitive Computing

Personalization of AI towards intelligence with a human dimension; affective computing, adaptive, interactive and personal AI.

Probabilistic Programming

Probabilistic programming systems are software tools that can be used to make more rational decisions under uncertainty. These tools yield insight by solving the so-called inference problem; updating a stated belief after considering new evidence.


Diverse recipes and snippets in various domains. Some in R, some in Mathematica, mostly Python. You’ll find everything from eigenfaces with TensorFlow over sentiment analysis with Torch to reinforcement learning with MXNet.

Graph and Networks

Graph Learning
Artificial Intelligence

Applying machine learning to graph data to predict connections and information.

Deep learning techniques for fraud prevention, transaction anomalies, forensic intelligence and pattern detection in general.

Graph Databases
Big Data

Knowledge graphs, property graphs, semantic triples, ontologies and more.

We help getting the most of Neo4j,, Spark DataFrames, CosmosDB, AWS Neptune…on or off premise.

Graph Layout
Data Visualization

We develop awesome diagrams and graph user experiences in pretty much all technologies.

We have expertise with high-end frameworks like yFiles, Linkurious, Cytoscape, and many more.

Graph Analytics
Special Techniques

We know how to apply advanced mathematical techniques to business challenges.

We can help optimize your digital marketing, detect patterns in processes, find the needle in your haystack.

Data Science

We combine machine learning algorithms and big data software into practical and valuable results.

More than 25 years in the field, we understand the latest bits (Ph.D. level) and have a knack for data visualization and networks.

Time Series & Forecasting

Help with budgeting, planning, and estimating future growth. Predicting future outcomes based on past events and management insight is an art on its own.


Companies perpetually try to reduce costs and optimize processes. At the same time, trying to optimize the conversion of customers through marketing efforts is also an optimization process. In as far as data is available and the aims well defined (i.e. within the context of data science and techniques ) a lot of business challenges can be casted as optimization problems.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive maintenance, cross-selling, portfolio optimization and more.

Data Visualization

Delivering analytical result in simple and beautiful ways. Dataviz is an integral part of turning data science into actionable insights.


Recipes and snippets based on sklearn, R packages and whatnot. In diverse domains and ready to use.

Big Data

We support analytics-driven decision making using advanced big-data platforms and tools.

Competitive advantage and innovation involves the accurate analysis and insights offered by big data in order to improve effectiveness and efficiencies across several business areas, such as operations management and marketing.


We are Dataiku certified and know the ins and outs of this powerful, future-driven platform.


We are Hadoop certified (developer level) and understand how to articulate this bewildering Hadoop stack.

H2O makes machine learning accessible and allows business users to extract insights from data, without needing expertise in deploying or tuning machine learning models.

Quantum Computing

We bring quantum into your business, we help you prepare for the revolution.

The business world is approaching a moment akin to the mainframe’s entrance into the modern office, except this time it’s the emergence of quantum computers. It’s a complex domain but we can help making sense.

Topological Quantum Computing

The most promising approach to quantum computing, we have written the book here for you.

Quantum Cryptography

Exploiting quantum mechanical properties to perform cryptographic tasks for a better, safer world.


The correct language to understand how abstract concepts apply to real-world structures, including quantum computing.

Topological Computing

Topological data analysis, topological signal processing, topological robotics and all that.



Orbifold B.V.B.A.
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Orbifold Consulting was founded in 2005 by sole proprietor Francois Vanderseypen Ph.D. to combine business expertise and scientific know-how in bespoke software solutions. Orbifold delivers unique and innovative approaches using state-of-the-art tools and packages, from JavaScript to Hadoop over stochastic differential equations and GPU in the cloud. Using a distributed network of professionals across the globe Orbifold focuses on applying AI, data science, big data and quantum computing to business challenges. The company is a limited liability company located in Belgium (Europe)


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